Staff Robotics Engineer


Hayward, CA or Pittsburgh, PA


At Duality we are taking on the critical challenge of innovating human-robot interaction.

Help a growing team in their quest to fundamentally change the way that robots are built and deployed. We are a bi-coastal, multidisciplinary team that believes there is a better way to leverage the power of simulation for robotics development and we are working everyday to prove that. We are seeking out engineers who want to expand their technical skill sets as well as their professional experience by stretching into product development, sales, and customer engagement roles.


Become a polyglot while building solutions for Duality and our customers. Deepen your understanding of robotics and ML while expanding into the fields of simulation, graphics and product development.

The Senior Robotics Engineer, Grade 2 will be responsible for:

  • Helping to augment our customers teams to quickly integrate and stand up a solution
  • Gaining a deep understanding of the customer’s autonomy stack for integration and development purposes
  • Developing interface modules to connect customer codebases to our simulation platform.
  • Creating software for robotic subsystems such as perception and localization.
  • Create and refine digital twins of robotics systems utilizing approaches from machine learning and vehicle dynamics
  • Developing and testing modules in a wide variety of robotics disciplines: ML training, system characterization & modeling, perception pipelines, middleware integration.  

The Senior Robotics Engineer, Grade 2 Requirements:

  • Advanced degree in robotics, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, computer science or related degrees.
  • 2+ years robotics experience
  • Practical experience in at least one core robotics discipline
  • Strong coding and Linux skills
  • Familiarity with numerical methods
  • Ability to adapt and execute in a fast moving environment

The Senior Robotics Engineer, Grade 2 Bonuses

  • Familiarity with tools from the cinema and gaming industries such as Houdini, Unreal, Unity
  • Strong debugging skills & system intuition
  • Customer interface experience